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Who You Really Are (surreal drawing)

I’m not going to explain the subject matter of this drawing.

You’re welcome to look for inadvertent hints.

Drawing specs

Title: Who You Really Are
Dimensions: 11″ x 14″
Materials: Hard Tombow Fude brush pen on vellum
Series: A surreal art piece created as part of my body of work in 2017.

About Who You Really Are

I’ve spent a good deal of time looking through some of my older work the past few months. In doing so, I’ve realized two things:

  • Some of my coolest work is pen and ink drawings.
  • I’ve gotten a lot better at using pen and ink, but I haven’t made pen and ink drawings in ages.

I’ve also been dealing with the struggles that come with being both a minimalist and a kinesthetically-inclined creative. In a word: stuff.

Art-making leads to art, and art is stuff. Paintings are stuff that takes up a lot of space. Digital art takes up no space. But digital art involves staring at a computer, which is exactly what I make art to give myself a break from doing.

One of the ways I’m combating the minimalist-artist struggle is by giving art away. I’m planning to give away 50 art pieces in 2017, but I’ve already given away 11 and it still feels like I’m drowning in art.

The answer to this should have been obvious to me. Drawings are stuff—but stuff that takes up hardly any space at all.

All that to say this: these thoughts have led me to the conclusion that I need to make drawings. So when the itch came to make art, my medium was decided on well-beforehand.

lurm playing air sketchbookGoofy thumbnailing process aside, I think Who You Really Are turned out really well. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite (yet also one of the most terrifying) drawings I made in 2009 called She Let It Nibble.

There was a strong improvement over the last time I drew in this style.

I used to make line art in this style with either ballpoint or felt-tipped fineliner pens. I would still go for the same type of line-thickness variation that you see in this drawing. The way you achieve that with ballpoint or fineliner pens involves going over your lines 5-10 times to get the desired line thickness.

That, my friend, is a recipe for hand cramps.

With the upgrade to brush pen, I only went over my lines one additional time in select places. Many of the lines didn’t call for any retouching at all. *gasp*

Working on this piece was very cathartic, and felt like a return to a style that is familiar and distinctly mine.

You’ll probably see more drawings in this style making their way into my body of work.

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