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This is normal.

I’m Laura. I find the human experience incessantly strange, and I use creative expression as a way to deal with that. And, hopefully, to relate to a few other humans along the way.
About me


Hybrid (organic form drawing)

I create surreal art. And I create a lot of it. My work is heavily influenced by neuroscience and developmental biology.



Laura Kranz music icon

I’m a pianist, drummer, and vocalist. I compose and produce original music … typically with an unnecessary bent toward complex time signatures and dorian mode.



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I write about navigating social issues, business, politics, and more—usually in the form of rants. I rant against posturing, conformity, power hierarchies … fun stuff like that.


There’s basically a lot here

I’m kind of prolific. You know, probably because I can’t stop myself from thinking about how a day will come when my brain will cease to exist. Insert overused quote about mortality and the futility of human existence here.

On this site live hundreds of blog posts, over 1,000 art works, and dozens of original pieces of music.

It’s OK if you don’t look at them all (I haven’t even bothered to do that. JK of course I have), but I am curious to share thoughts with you. Especially if you see something I made or said that resonates with your experience.

Don’t be scared to interact with me

I know, I’m kind of weird … but so are you. It’s a normal part of being human. (LOL @ oxymorons … but seriously, though.)

Don’t let that stop you from dropping me a comment. I love getting those things.

I also get a boost to my sensations when a stranger hits me up on Twitter. So go ahead. Do it.

If you really want to be on the inside track, join my email list (below). I read every reply to any email I send.

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