Art series: the complete directory

Art series communicate in a very different way than just individual art pieces do. A carefully assembled collection can tell a new story altogether. It’s like putting words together to make sentences, but with a different type of nuance.

I tend to create series when an art idea I’ve come up with has more facets or concepts to isolate than I can fit in a single drawing. I also use art series as a method of developing a new style or medium. It forces me to continue practicing that new way of doing things until the art series is complete. This can be a downside, too—sometimes I’ll learn that I really am not that great at a particular style (or I just don’t enjoy it), but I feel obligated to finish the collection.

My collection of art series continues to grow.  Some of the ones listed here are still in progress.

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Drawing is a construct

Touching the tip of a red pencil to a white page is like breaking a guitar string.

It’s like typing blindly at a typewriter with your forehead against the desk. You can feel every key stroke punch an imaginary hole through an imaginary glass membrane. You’re shooting little bullets of sound from your fingertips.

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It’s Your Call (stylized pen drawing)

At least half is in how it’s taken.
Who touches it, and where
One must remember that motives matter,
[hunger for meaning or unused time]
and so does the life that preceded the glance
[broken from labor or lost at home]
whether clutching shredded bits into gut like tentacles of anemone
or reassembling the whole under microscope
or shredding with aimless scalpel

I have no part in any

and all happens as it will.

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Easy things to draw: penny farthing

Draw a penny farthing

One object on my list of things to draw is a penny farthing.

The penny farthing I’m talking about isn’t a coin—it’s one of those old-timey bicycles. You know, the kind that has a huge front wheel.

To my knowledge, they’re a little too tough to fit in a wallet to use effectively as currency.

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Street Lamps (surreal painting)

If you see something, say something.

People say that; they don’t mean it.

I’ve seen a lot of things.

Things I wish I could say.

The thing is, I know other people have seen them, too.

People won’t say something. And if I do, they’ll just say I’m crazy.

I don’t blame them: it’s self-protection.

But I also blame them: they enslave themselves.

It’s a clever game, really. What’s reasonable has its bounds, and when something’s not, people can’t believe it. They fall in line.

That’s how They win.

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Inside Out (surreal ink drawing)

This piece of surreal art was an ink experiment.

The image jumped to mind when I was reading the book of 1 John:

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

As do many things for whatever reason, the concept struck me as inordinately violent.

In the art idea that popped into my head, I imagined part of someone’s physical being, like maybe internal organs or something, getting blasted out of their body from the inside. Continue reading “Inside Out (surreal ink drawing)”

Self portraits

The self portraits post was originally published in October of 2015. I’ve since republished it with new content that turned up on my hard drive.

Art creation for me has always been a very introspective process.  Being a human is a surprisingly complex thing, and I think knowing yourself is a big part of finding your place in the world. It’s something I explore a lot in my art. (I don’t make many self portraits, but the theme of self-examination is prevalent in most of the art I’ve made.)

The self portraits you’ll see below span 10+ years of my life. It’s interesting to see what self-perceptions have changed, and what have stayed the same.

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