Productivity + Creativity

I come up with ideas, and I make them happen. I’m driven to do more—and to do it my own way.

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    I create surreal art.

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    I compose original music.

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    I run a strategy company.

If you can create something …

… no one’s going to create it for you.

If you never bring your ideas into being, what once was “potential” will never exist.

I’ve created more than 1,000 original art pieces and have written more than 250 original compositions. I launched a company that does five departments’ worth of work—with just five people.

When you bring productivity and creativity together, you can push creative output beyond what’s believed to be reasonable. And that’s what this site is all about.

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I’m Laura Kranz

I believe having creative ideas and skills is a responsibility. Neglecting to create what I’m capable of is wasting potential. That’s why learning how to do more, do it better, and do it in less time matters to me.

I build logical systems to enhance creative output. This site is where a lot of that output lives.

You can explore my projects, giveaways, how-to articles, and ideas on the blog.

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Reticulated Venation (leaf vein pattern)

Reticulated Venation one of nine illustrations in The Vein Patterns of Leaves. Reticulated Venation Reticulated veins create a web-like pattern across the leaf. It’s actually found in leaves that have other vein patterns, too.  Arcuate, palmate, pinnate, rotate, and transverse venation all have reticulated veins … along with some types of longitudinal venation. In fact, the only types of … Continue reading “Reticulated Venation (leaf vein pattern)”


Can we PLEASE knock it off with the girl-sidebar?

Often when I’m in social situations, I get sidelined by what I’ve come to call the “girl-sidebar.” It’s a frustrating tactic used by women to engage in smalltalk with other women … once the general conversation has moved past smalltalk and the group is engaging in actual conversation. (If you inferred by that last line … Continue reading “Can we PLEASE knock it off with the girl-sidebar?”


Green Hand (surreal drawing)

First there were dreams. Then there were nightmares. I think I’ve made them stop. But now there’s nothing at all —Jeffrey Kranz