A warm winter day at Garden of the Gods | Laura Kranz
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It has been brutally cold here in Colorado Springs, which has allowed for some nice winter photography (albeit a numb face). But last weekend, when some friends from Washington state came into town, we got a nice respite from the cold as we explored the famous Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods: epic red rock formations

Garden of the Gods is nestled at the base of Pike’s Peak on the west side of Colorado Springs. There are hundreds of stunning rock formations to climb and explore. Here are some of the photos I took.

Rock formations like this one can be seen from miles away as strange protrusions from the earth. In the early morning, the sun hits them from the east and they can be seen all the way across town.


It was fantastic to have these two in town to visit. Left: David, right: Tyrel.gotg-5

Tyrel heads up the icy rock to start our expedition.gotg-7

And David spots something he wants to climb.gotg-8There were lots of fun little bouldering spots like this one just off the parking lot.gotg-9

David, Tyrel, and Jeffrey perch victoriously on some of the rocks we found farther into the woods. It was gloriously warm: I don’t remember the last time I was so happy that it was 45 degrees outside.
gotg-38 More rock-perching shots. I think Jeffrey’s the king of the pride; he’s just missing his lion cub and baboon sidekick. gotg-37

It was warm, but there was still a lot of snow to be thrown. We had battles, intrigue, truces, betrayal …gotg-36 Though in this case, they threw the snow gently.  For art.gotg-35

I learned that David  can force a snowball to levitate using his mind powers.gotg-34

I also learned that Jeffrey has a tendency to always be on the highest part of a rock in all the pictures …gotg-33

And that Tyrel has an inexhaustible supply of model poses.


From here, we had the best view of Colorado Springs.gotg-32

David surveys the land like a pioneer. gotg-31

Here’s a view of the city to the west.
gotg-30 This red rock formation looks like a buried stegosaurus.gotg-28Once again, King Jeffrey, ladies and gentlemen, perched on the highest rock.
gotg-27Here are more of the epic red rocks—many of them pitted with holes from erosion.gotg-26

And once again, the model-status Tyrel.
gotg-25 David stands on some of the strange rock layers just off the road.

gotg-24This was one of the first rock formations we climbed. I was about 20 feet below Tyrel when I took this photo.
gotg-23Here’s the crew far above me.
gotg-22 I was tempted to try to climb up through the rock channel—it would have been a fun scramble.gotg-21 If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Jeffrey, once again, is on the highest rock.gotg-20 And again.gotg-19

I snuck a shot of David at a beautiful pull-off spot on the road that winds around Garden of the Gods.gotg-3This picture speaks for itself.

The bright blue sky against the bright red rock made for a great photoshoot.gotg-16

This was one of my favorite views from the trip. The land looks alien—like something out of C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy.

Once again, pioneer David looks longingly into the distance.gotg-2Here’s the whole crew.  I used some pebbles to balance my camera just right on a rock ledge, then ran back and forth using my 10-second automatic timer.


Four tall people in black—it’s like we planned this or something.

If I look relaxed, it’s a lie. gotg-14Jeffrey shows an inconsistency in personal branding: he’s not on the tallest rock this time.
gotg-12 gotg-11

It was a very photogenic crew.gotg-10

We only explored a few little corners of this epic park full of gorgeous rocks.  We’ll have to go back sometime soon.

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