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The monster in the river (creature drawing)

This is our river monster.

He’s mostly harmless: only living off the nutrients in the water. He must have thawed out of some mountain glacier. Nobody knows how it happened, but somehow, a small colony of algae began to act as a sentient being. The algae gives our monster a deeper tone than his surroundings.

Please do not feed him. Nobody likes an entitled monster.

Drawing specs

Title: The Monster in the River
Dimensions: 8″ x 8″
Materials: Strathmore Bristol vellum, .2mm Micron pen, Prismacolor markers
Series: One of my creature drawings, created as part of my 2014 work.

About The Monster in the River

I began developing an art style back in high school where I would separate light and shadow with unnecessarily stark lines and shapes. In the figure drawing class I took, I toyed with the style a little here and there. I remember my teacher asking me at one point, “so what’s the deal with this?” He pointed out my approach as though it was a mistake … but I liked doing it too much for that to dissuade me.

You can see the technique primarily in other pen and marker drawings, like Out from Below, Find the Memory, and I Will Make It Overthrownbut it creeps into paintings and other drawing styles as well.

I shared a tip in the video above that I’ve shared before and will not hesitate to share again. If you draw, and you want to be able to display your art somewhere, consider using one of these paper sizes.

This drawing is currently part of my personal art collection.

How I get surreal art ideas

You can learn how I get ideas for surreal art (like The Monster in the River) and walk away with some tips for making your own made-up scenes and images.

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