Proverbs 30 drawing #21: Things That Never Have Enough | Laura Kranz
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I’ve been chipping away at my Proverbs 30 series, despite (or maybe because of) the hectic-ness of the season. Creating these tiny drawings is a very meditative process, and since I only need a sharp pencil and a little piece of paper, I don’t have to dig through boxes—still packed from our move last week—to find materials.

Over the course of creating the last two drawings, I’ve realized that this series involves a more natural thought process to me than any other series I’ve worked on. The sort of surreal-abstract conceptual hybrid requires no mental coaxing. I read the prompt text and the image is there immediately.

It may be an imagery breakthrough of sorts … though probably not a medium one. Graphite is convenient, but that’s the only big benefit of it to me over other materials.

All that to say, once this series is finished (maybe 20 or so drawings in the future) I may explore this style more.

And now for the drawing itself:

The 21st Proverbs 30 drawing is based on the second half of verse 15, which says:

Three things are never satisfied;
four never say, “Enough”

Bible art-21 Proverbs 30.15 Things that never have enough

Drawing specs

Name:               Things that Never Have Enough
:    5″ x 7″—around the size of a typical greeting card
Materials:        Hard pencil on sketch paper
Series:              The 21st drawing in my Proverbs 30 series

I enjoyed the imaginary scene of the author miscounting objects. “Three things—wait, no—four!” I’m sure it’s more of a figure of speech, though. :)

Emptiness, hunger, consumers within consumers spiraling downwards—essentially, nuanced holes, jumped to mind. As I’ve mentioned before, the disturbing idea of consumption that consumes is something I spend a lot of thought energy on. Maybe too much. But it comes up a lot in daily life.

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