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Some people are of the opinion that it’s never too soon to start getting ready for Christmas. You know them: they’re the ones getting Christmas gifts together in June, and listening to “Hark, the Herald” in September. If they need Christmas stock photos, they’ve got them ready for next year’s projects by New Year’s Eve.

I grew up in a tiny town (Leavenworth, WA: population 1,900) with year-round Christmas stores. Turns out a lot of people like to think about Christmas all the time—and the town’s thriving economy proves it.

I am not one of those people. I think about Christmas as soon as I realize it’s December. My guess is that might be you, too.

We all have Christmas cards to send, holiday-themed blog posts to write, and gifts to come up with for family and friends every winter. I’ve barely started thinking about most of that stuff yet. And if you haven’t either, well, maybe I have something that can help.

Here’s a Christmas gift for you: 70 Christmas stock photos.

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70 free Christmas stock photos

Pianist with tree backdrop free christmas stock photo by Laura Kranz

I combed through the winter photography in six years of my archives and narrowed down 70 of my favorite Christmas-themed photos.  The whole collection is yours—for free.

Don’t let the fact that they’re free fool you. I know what’s out there in the way of free Christmas photographs. Closeups of gaudy ornaments, scantily-clad female Santas blowing kisses to your grandma, fake reindeer against a cheesy backdrop . . . mostly photos of stuff you could find at Wal-Mart.

I don’t want those to be your Christmas-photo choices this year. Free things shouldn’t have to be lame, and they shouldn’t have to be subliminal product advertisements.

When I think Christmas, I think of the chilly beauty of winter, the warmth of a cozy home, and fun and adventure in the snow.

I spent a lot of time hand-picking and carefully editing each photograph. They come from various special places I’ve visited over the years during Christmas time.  From winter-wonderland snowscapes to closeups of sparkling Christmas lights, the high-resolution images are suitable for all kinds of uses.

There’s a Christmas scene in the great hall of a castle in rural northern England.  There’s closeups of footprints in the snow, and evergreens cloaked by blizzards.

Each image has a two by three ratio, which makes them easily adapted for greeting and post cards, and inexpensive to print in standard 4″ x 6″ at any local printer (though their resolution allows them to be printed significantly larger).

Feel free to print them out as Christmas decorations and gifts, or use them on your blog.  I only ask two things: that if you use them online, you link back to my site, and if you have a commercial purpose in mind, you please contact me first.

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Here’s a taste of what’s included in the collection

Christmassy lamp posts free christmas stock photo by Laura Kranz

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I found this beautiful ornament-like ice formation last winter along the aptly named Icicle Creek in the Wenatchee National Forest.

Free christmas stock photo: ice droplets


This  shot was taken in downtown Leavenworth, my Bavarian-themed hometown, known for its Christmas festivities.  That’s my sister Kenzie, spinning fire. She’s braving the winter temperatures in a sleeveless shirt.

Free christmas stock photo: fire spinning in leavenworth


A snow-covered house is nestled in the trees along the rural Mountain Home Road. During the winter months, this road is only accessible via snowmobile—and by foot.

Free christmas stock photo: snow-covered mountains

This out-of-focus shot of Christmas lights reminds me of hot drinks by the fire after a day of sledding: one of my favorite winter pastimes as a child.

Blurred string of Christmas lights free christmas stock photo by Laura Kranz

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