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Facts are passive, like plants. They pretty much sit around.

You can harvest bits of them, sprinkle them into some kind of salad—and most people don’t mind sampling a few bites.

They’re so ubiquitous I sort of forget about them, like how you forget that you’re hearing the refrigerator humming.

They’re mysterious, too. Like fungi or ghosts.

If you eat some, you die. Or you glimpse another, and you’re not sure if you ever saw it in the first place.

You can’t trust them.

Don’t get me wrong; I like them.

They get a bad rap, really. I just don’t even know why they’re here.

Organic form Drawing Facts

Drawing specs


Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5″

Materials: Teal colored pencil on sketch paper

Series: Part of the collection, Organic Form DrawingsMade in 2016.

More about Facts

Facts is an automatic drawing I made while on a short(ish) flight. I used a cheap teal-blue Crayola pencil on a little piece of sketch paper—a trustworthy art medium for travel. It’s small and portable, plus the stakes are low if you lose your pencil.

Here’s a shot of the drawing in progress on my cramped little tray table.

Facts automatic drawing

Some of my surreal drawings have a lot more distinguishable motifs in them, but this one stems to a more free-form approach to coming up with drawing ideas.

Instead of deciding what to draw, I ruminate on whatever abstract concept is on my mind, and just draw. It sounds weird, but it’s kind of like sleepwalking. (Fitting, seeing as how the definition of surreal is technically “dreamlike.”)

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