Bible verse art from the book of Jeremiah | Laura Kranz

This week, I illustrated Jeremiah’s theme verse:

See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms,
To pluck up and to tear down,
To destroy and to overthrow,
To build and to plant. (Je 1:10)

In case you missed my last theme verse post, I explained a little more on the timeline of this project.

There was a lot of text and information to try to get into one drawing with Jeremiah’s theme verse, but the lines all have some nice parallel patterns going on in them.  I wrote the text out in several formations on some scrap paper until I settled on the layout that it appears in below.

Once I had the text laid out, I focused on creating a scene that changed from top to bottom, from a ruined city to a sprouting plant. Here’s how the drawing took form as I added the illustration pen layer.


I upgraded the type of paper I’m using for this series from basic sketch paper to some dense watercolor paper. It surprised me how differently the paint and ink handled on the watercolor paper. The upgrade was a good choice, but it will take some practice to make the best use of it as I apply color.

I took a few closeup photos to show the texture of the drawing.20150120-IMG_3877

Like last time, I weighted the drawing under a piece of glass overnight to help it dry flat.20150120-IMG_3876

I really enjoyed how many more layers of color I could apply to the thicker paper. It allowed for some cool color effects, especially around the pit where I planted the little tree. Like I said, there’s still some practice needed before I have better control over the way the colors mix and spread on this new type of paper.20150120-IMG_3875

Here’s what the final drawing looked like.  I realized that my drawings in this style tend to be very red-heavy, and my first instinct was to make the sky a blood red.  To mix it up, I went with a deep purple, and used red to trail what could be smoke or flames into the sky.  I think it gave a nice effect, and using purple instead of red helped make the sky less dominant to the picture than it would have been otherwise.Theme Verse Jeremiah-1Next week, I’ll be working on a theme verse from one of the Gospels.

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