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One song based on every Psalm

AnthemBible: The Psalms is a project to create one song based on each of the 150 poems in the Old Testament book of Psalms, and to provide a way for others to learn, sing, and share these songs.

The project is a small team effort: Jeffrey Kranz is writing the lyrics (with some help from Logos Bible Software) and the melodies. I’m coming up with the chord structures, and creating the arrangements and recordings.

What it will include

AnthemBible logoThe project isn’t as simple as just jotting down lyrics and a melody. Our goal is to create a useful resource for the church, so for each song, we’re creating a lyric sheet, a chord chart, a multi-part arrangement with sheet music, and a sample recording of that arrangement.

That means that each song is going to not only have a sample track, but a whole suite of printable material that goes with it. Worship teams can riff off the chord charts and play it in their own style, or choirs and small groups of musicians can perform the songs as musical pieces from the sheet music for special events.

Where you can hear it & learn more

You can listen to all the existing recordings of AnthemBible: The Psalms for free in this playlist. Every time I record a new one, I’ll add it to the playlist. Just hit the “skip forward” button (in the lower-left corner, to the right of the “pause” button) to skip to the next Psalm track.

If you think you’ll be interested in keeping tabs on AnthemBible: The Psalms long term, head on over to The site is coming soon—you can join the mailing list to be the first to hear when it launches.

Timelines for AnthemBible: The Psalms

There are 150 Psalms. That’s a lot of songs. If we wrote and recorded one Psalm every single week, it would still take us almost three years.

We haven’t yet laid out timelines for AnthemBible: The Psalms. We plan to fully finish the project, but before we decide how hard to charge ahead, we want to see how much desire is out there to see it completed.

The more interest we get in the project, the more likely we’ll be to plow forward at a quicker rate. Even with low-to-moderate interest (and a good amount of discipline), I anticipate that we’ll be able to finish the project in 2021: about five years from now.

You can influence it happening sooner by sharing your excitement in the comments and joining the email list at

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