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Photography collections

Several of these photography collections are available for you to download as free sets of stock images.

Iceland photo galleryIceland photography

A large gallery of photos from Iceland, a menu of other photographers with Iceland galleries, and a selection of five Iceland images you can download for free.

venice free photos-IMG_8425 35 free downloadable photos of Venice

Get a free set of 35 stock images of Venice, or just browse the collection for the beautiful scenery from the strange canal city.

Free christmas photo: christmas lights50 free Christmas-themed photos

Another free set of stock images. This collection includes wintery photos of ice and snow, along with cozy photos of Christmas lights and decorations.

Africa-360735 photos of Kenya

This collection of photos includes shots mostly from orphanages and slums. Primary locations include Nairobi and Mombasa.

Paint Mines: Alien RockThe Paint Mines

The Paint Mines is a bizarre layered gulch in the high desert to the east of Colorado Springs. You’ll find shots of the weird pink, orange, and white rock formations there.

paint mines colorado photography-25

The Paint Mines in the snow

Check out a gallery of photos exploring the slippery crevasses of the somewhat remote Paint Mines during the winter.

snow in suburbia-3434Snow in Suburbia

In the sprawling suburbs of Colorado Springs was a particularly beautiful snowfall with strangely large snowflakes.  The six points and other details were visible to the naked eye.

gotg-4A warm winter day at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the top-rated parks in America, and even a short visit to the epic rock formations will quickly demonstrate why.



Photography highlights

Here are some of my favorite photos from the various collections you’ll find on my site. You’ll see photos from the Pacific Northwest, Europe, Scandinavia, northeast Africa, and more.

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