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Laura Kranz (née Converse) grew up surrounded by tall evergreens, stark cliffs, ice-cold rivers, black-smoke forest fires, and the smile-for-the-camera culture of a tourist trap town. She creates art and music as a means of processing and interpreting the world around her.

She has been composing music since age 6, creating visual art since age 16, and publishing both art and music online since age 19. She has self-released two albums and created more than 1,000 unique art pieces.

Her friends call her “Lurm,” which is probably the worst nickname ever.

Laura’s inspiration

Laura’s work grapples with feelings of futility and purpose, determination and despair, lucidity and delirium.

Many of her pieces are born out of an obsession with the strangeness of organic life. Her work features many pieces based on biological processes in plants, animals, and humans—especially cycles of growth, decay, and death.

Much of Laura’s art and music deal with the mysteries of subconscious thought: dreams, hallucinations, metaphors, and the interpretation of surroundings.

Laura has come to accept that she will probably never be a beloved children’s illustrator.

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11 random facts about Laura Kranz

  1. Laura was born in 1988 in Carmel, CA. Her family moved to Leavenworth, WA before she was a year old. If you’ve never heard of Leavenworth, WA, Google it.
  2. Laura once dissected a squid for a high school science project. For whatever reason, she kept the lens of the squid’s eye in her pocket as a souvenir. She doesn’t remember why she kept it, and she doesn’t remember what she told her mom it was when it turned up in the family laundry.
  3. Laura has enormous hands. Her hand can span 11 piano keys. This gives her a huge advantage when it comes to opening pickle jars.
  4. Laura took her first corporate job as a means of paying off her appendectomy (starving artists don’t have the best healthcare program). She has no idea what the doctors did with her appendix after it was removed, and to this day she’s a bit miffed that she was too drugged to ask them about it.
  5. Laura is a minimalist—she prefers getting rid of things to getting new things.
  6. Laura has never broken a “real” bone. (She says fingers and toes don’t count.)
  7. It’s not uncommon to see strings of alien-looking symbols in Laura’s sketches. Laura came up with a “secret code” when she was a kid that allowed her to jot down thoughts and ideas that her siblings and parents wouldn’t be able to read. She still uses it today (though it has evolved a good deal since).
  8. Laura won a gold medal in a national double-dutch speed relay competition at age 11.
  9. Laura doesn’t sleep much. There was a time when she considered four hours of slumber a good night’s rest. Now it’s six hours. She’s going soft.
  10. Laura once kicked a raccoon in the face. It was in self-defense, but she still regrets it.
  11. If you’ve ever met Laura, she has probably wondered how you’re going to die.


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