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The Search for the Technosaur

Poem by Jeffrey Kranz

The doctor woke me up last week
To bring me to the cave,
A cavern cold and very old,
A grave inside a grave.
“But doctor, tell me what we seek
To salvage or to save?”
He said six words and little more:
“We’re off to find the technosaur.”

We came upon the crack in which
The technosaur was said
To make his feast (or snack at least)
On lesser veins of lead.
We ventured in and found it rich
With copperworks instead.
“Well, Doctor, now what lies in store,
And what about the technosaur?”

He shook his head and lit the light
And motioned downward still.
“Below! Below! Below we go,
’Neath hill and underhill.
For who but us could have the might
And mind and strength of will
To tunnel deeper, tunnel more,
Until we reach the technosaur?”

And when we reached a great divide,
He told me, and I quote,
“We need to go! Come on, boy: throw
To me your overcoat!”
I did, and had a shaky ride
By swinging ’cross the moat.
And so we reached the other shore
To further hunt for technosaur.

We came across a chamber vast
And soon discovered that
We’d trespassed on the cavern lawn
Of some colossal bat!
The doctor cried and he dove fast,
“Distract him with your hat!”
I did, and we escaped, once more
In search of Doctor’s technosaur.

So deeper still we ventured on
And came upon, by chance,
A hungry hive of half-alive
Man-eating undead ants!
“We must evade this hellish spawn!
Combat them with your pants!”
I did, and soon we found a door
That opened to the planet’s core.
But still, no signs of technosaur.

We waited there, for half a week;
We waited in the cave,
That cavern hot and monster-fraught,
Our grave within a grave,
Until we heard a mighty shriek!
Had someone come to save?
And who should stride in through the door
But our elusive technosaur?

“My fellows,” said the technosaur,
“Forgive my slow advance.
Forgive my Jude—that bat is rude—
I’m sorry ’bout the ants.”
But thank you for the hat and coat,
And I do love the pants!”

He led us out and said no more.
I do not like the technosaur.


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