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Take a Stand (surreal ink drawing)

I’ll go there if you make me.

See, look how good I did.

Drawing specs

Title: Take a Stand
Dimensions: 11″ x 14″
Materials: Hard brush pen on vellum
Series: One of my surreal art pieces, made in 2017.

This year I returned to a line-art style I began developing in 2010, starting with the drawing Who You Really Are. You can see earlier evolutions of it in drawings like Enemy, I, Man-Machineand It’s Your Call.

To make Take a Stand, I started with a hideous thumbnail that looks more like random scribbles than anything at all. For someone good at drawing, I’m really bad at drawing.

Then I used one of my favorite papers lately—bristol vellum—and laid down light pencil linework. The dense paper provides an extremely smooth surface, which means there’s not much for the tip of a pen to get caught up on. I was able to then define the drawing more with some quick brushpen linework … without having to worry about the paper being too absorbent and leaving blotches.

The smoothness and density of the paper also it makes it easy to create lots of tiny parallel lines and rows of minuscule dots for shading.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this drawing style continues to develop throughout the rest of the year.

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