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Here’s where I give you a little peek behind the scenes into a selection of sketches from my sketchbook archives. I’ll tell you right up front: some of what turns up in my sketchbooks is a little disturbing.  You’re looking at a more unfiltered slice of my process, so proceed with caution. ;)

I almost always have a sketchbook on hand to capture ideas. OK, “capture” might not be the most honest way to put it. If we’re being realistic, the metaphor “mental projectile vomit” comes to mind. I’m not necessarily trying to remember my ideas—I’m just letting the darn things out.  I’ve filled thousands of pages, but I’ve only turned some of the art ideas on those pages into completed art pieces.

Not included in this gallery are my much more colorful but equally weird digital sketches made on an iPad. You can find the whole collection here.

Creature sketches

I constantly invent weird creatures and monsters. I guess I have a thing for them. Usually they come to mind when I look at something mundane, but with shapes or lines that tell a story—like a shadow on a rock, a wrinkle in your jacket, some curves in the woodgrain. There are all kinds of things to see in there.

If you like monster art work, you can make your way over to the comprehensive collection of all my creature art, which includes drawings and paintings, plus the sketches you see here.

Life drawing

Many of my sketches are more realistic, and come from observing people and objects around me. I don’t hold back when the urge comes along to put a surreal spin on the thing, though.

Surreal, abstract, and other

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