Safer in the Dark (surreal painting) | Laura Kranz
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Safer in the Dark (surreal painting)

It’s safer in the dark.

Fake skin made of smooth flawless steel
won’t protect anything.

This is all it is;
melty rubber
or the inside of a grape.
Grey and slimy:
it will dissolve.

The sharp cold knows what’s really there—
the shriveled seed would crack under its light.

 It’s safer in the dark.

Painting specs

Title: Safer in the Dark
Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
Materials: Acrylic paint on canvas
Series: One of my surreal art pieces; created as part of my body of work in 2013.

About Safer in the Dark

I made this large surreal painting in a relatively haphazard manner. I didn’t really strategize the concept before beginning (which happens surprisingly often in my work, even with large-scale paintings like Safer in the Dark). This painting hung at the end of a hall in my house for a while until it creeped Jeffrey out enough for him to ask me to take it down.

Here are some shots of the painting process.

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