Remaining in the details (an admittedly creepy sketch)

I’ll be the first to admit; the sketch, Remaining in the Details, is creepy. But if you think about it, life is pretty creepy. We all gotta deal with it somehow.

torn or conjoined
all must be broken down to be understood.

I’d climb the highest mountain,
I’d look over edges into fathomless voids;

what, then, would happen to neglected fragments?

Cancer begins with a single cell division,
decay with a single spore—

and no one wants to fight the details off.

Remaining in the details

About the drawing

Title: Remaining in the Details

Demensions: 9″ x 11″

Materials: roller-ball pen on sketch paper

Series: part of the work I made in 2011; an automatic drawing.

I know exactly what this drawing is about, but if I told you, it would just be too obvious, wouldn’t it?

I make a lot of surreal drawings; some (but not all) less-creepy than this one. Here are some tips on getting ideas for your own surreal art.

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