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Mixed media technology processor laura converse art

Drawing specs

Title:               Processor

Dimensions:   18″ x 24″ (poster-size)

Materials:       Acrylic paint, chalk, charcoal, and sharpie on brown paper

Series:              One of the drawings I created in 2013—also part of my surreal drawing collection.

About Processor

This is one of those art pieces that I created with no predetermined plan. It kind of just happened. I remember a kind of disembodied “watching myself draw” feeling as I created the piece, which is kind of reflected in the expression.

As is the case in a lot of my surreal concepts, I combined some kind of biological concept with a technological one. Not super novel, I know—but I’m not out to create novelty for its own sake.

I started this drawing out with some white acrylic paint to block out where light hit the face. Once this dried, I added the black lines, and then I finished it off with charcoal and red chalk for texture and shading.

The original drawing is part of a private collection in Wenatchee, WA.

Here’s what Processor looks like in a (admittedly cheap) frame, for scale.


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