Permission [an Organic Form Drawing] | Laura Kranz
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What if you needed permission to do what had to be done—

And what if you couldn’t get it?

Drawing specs


Dimensions: about 5″ x 3.5″

Materials: made with purple colored pencil on sketch paper

Series: It’s one of many little pieces in the Organic Form Drawings series. Made in 2016.

Permission organic form drawing

About Permission

I made this tiny surreal drawing over the course of several days. I scraped out the details bit by bit through conversations and meetings.

My pencils shorten quickly when I work on this type of art. I prefer a very sharp tip to get the detailing at the level I like.

Permission organic form drawing in progress

The process of creating Permission was therapeutic. I zoned out and allowed subconscious thoughts to flow through my pencil—a process known as automatism.

Automatism allows you to make art even without coming up with any drawing ideas. It’s an interesting take on surrealism, where concepts form  subconsciously the way they do when you’re dreaming.

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