Nobody's Looking (surreal charcoal drawing) | Laura Kranz
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All around you, people stare
They evaluate your face, your clothes, your hair
You’d better make a good impression.
You’re their obsession.
You’re the center of their thoughts—
Or not.

But how about this one,
Your day’s just about done
And now it’s quiet.
Whatever you want, you got it.
Who cares if what you do alone
Is consistent with how you want to be known?

Either way,

Nobody’s looking, so it doesn’t matter.
But Nobody’s looking, so . . . .

Nobody's looking charcoal drawing

About the art piece

Title: Nobody’s Looking

Dimensions: 18″ x 24,” the size of a typical poster

Materials: Charcoal on paper

Series: One of my surreal drawings, and part of the work I’ve created in 2016.

I started this drawing with a rough charcoal sketch. The amount of charcoal actually on the paper below is kind of misleading, because it was mostly crushed to a powder. There was a lot of it.

Nobodys watching charcoal sketch-1

The next phase of the drawing process mostly consisted of me getting really dirty. I rubbed the charcoal into the paper (and tipped the excess charcoal dust off into the garbage).

I’ve tried a variety of tools for doing this with the texture and effect I like, and I always come back to using my bare hands. You can see lots of finger strokes in the paper below.

Nobodys watching charcoal sketch-2

The third stage is my favorite part (and definitely appeals to the minimalist in me). It’s where I erase away the charcoal that I previously laid down.

This third and final phase probably comprised 90% of the time that I worked on this drawing.
Nobodys watching charcoal sketch-3

I come up with lots of ideas for surreal concepts like this one. If you want to come up with ideas of your own, I’ve got a page that can show you all the drawing idea hints on this site.

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