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Mutagenesis 305 (surreal drawing)

Just a little at a time.

No one will notice until it’s too late to stop us.

Drawing specs

Title: Mutagenesis 305
Dimensions: 5″ x 7″
Materials: Brush pen on tagboard
Series: A surreal art piece made in my 2017 collection.

Mutagenesis 305 is possibly the first piece in a new series. But possibly not.

I had a few giant pieces of tagboard taking up space in my closet, so I cut them down into a variety of paper sizes for different art pieces. I slipped a little one into my small sketchbook before heading to church, and made an automatic drawing with brush pen on it during the sermon.

Lecture-style teaching sessions are rarely quite a strong enough engager of the mind for me to feel good about my use of time when I just sit through them. I don’t feel bored so much as lazy. I can always counteract this by working on a small drawing if the material isn’t dense enough to merit note-taking.

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