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Mind Fern (oil pastel drawing)

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Art | 0 comments

like branches at the ends of branches at the ends of branches
shrivel and shake
and release their spores into the farthest corners.

Sprouting unbidden,
they wake you up.

Do you remember your name?

Drawing specs

Title: Mind Fern
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″
Materials: Oil pastels on paper
Series: A surreal art piece, made as part of my body of work from 2017.

About Mind Fern

There are a lot of ways to use oil pastels. And I still haven’t quite found the way that feels right for me, but this was a good evolution.

I used the same tool I used in Delete Memory to scratch away layers of oil pastel and make the textures you see in this drawing.

Speaking of Delete Memory, I guess themes around memory show up a lot in my drawings. You find it in the aptly named drawing, Memory (clever, right?), the also aptly named Find the Memorythe painting, Avoiding Voluntary Amnesia, and a whole lot more that are maybe more subtle about it.

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