The Shadow of Lightning Cat | Laura Kranz
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I’ve never seen Lightning Cat, but I have seen his shadow.

It looks like this.

The Shadow of Lightning Cat charcoal drawing

Drawing specs

TitleThe Shadow of Lightning Cat

Dimensions: 24″ x 18,” which is a standard poster size

Materials: Compressed charcoal on sketch paper

Series: one of my creature drawings, created as part of my body of work in 2016.

The making of this drawing

I love coming up with drawing ideas (check out my random drawing idea generator). And as far as I can tell, I can’t run out of them. I just tell myself to have an idea, and I do. And I can keep doing this until I get distracted by something else, or fall asleep.

The main limitation is my memory. A large percentage of my ideas are forgotten within minutes of me having them.

So several times a week I pull out my sketch book and write 10 or so down in my sketch book. Usually most of them end up being ideas for surreal art.

“Cat with lightning bolts as ears” was a recent idea in my sketch book.

Lightning Cat idea sketch

And here’s a picture of the almost-finished drawing with my hand in there for scale.* I wrapped my finger in painter’s tape so that I could rub charcoal into the paper without destroying my fingertip.

* Disclaimer: my hands are not normal-sized.

Lightning Cat creature drawing for scale

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