Dead Sunday (or, The Leech in the Tree) | Laura Kranz
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Naked you stand at the edge of the worlds.
One, you have never visited.
The other, you can never visit again.

Nobody knows why this happens.

It’s not like you have a choice. You will cross over. You absolutely will.

And you cannot turn back to the place you came from.

All you can choose is how long you will stay here.

With me.

—Jeffrey Kranz

I remember a day when I woke up dead.

When I think about it, I know I wasn’t really, but I thought I was at the time and still remember it that way.

I lived on a hill, and behind the hill there were woods.  Acres and acres of them.

I picked up my camera with my cold dead hands, and I walked into the woods.

It was early spring, and the sleeping ground was starting to wake up. The branches were starting to reach up and drink in the sun, the thirsty beggars.

I stayed in the woods for hours.  I didn’t need food or water.
I kicked my old muddy shoes off.  They seemed unnecessary—I couldn’t feel the ground anyway.

I took several hundred photographs of strange and beautiful things.  It was amazing to me that a dead person could be in a place so alive.

When I got home later that evening, I put all the pictures on my computer and named the folder “Dead Sunday.”
I hadn’t gone to church that day.  What good is church for dead people?

Late that night, I deleted them all from my computer.  It seemed wrong to keep them there; like they weren’t allowed.

The files are deleted, but I still remember.

I remember looking down at my feet that were barely there
I remember how cold I was
I remember how the wind blew right through me

and I have been missing that one pair of shoes ever since.
Surreal Creature Drawings A Leech in the Tree by Laura Kranz

Drawing specs

Title:               The Leech in the Tree (Dead Sunday)
Dimensions:   14″ by 17″
Materials:       Uniball pen on vellum
Series:            One of my creature drawings, and part of the collection Creatures on the Walls.

I feature this drawing in one of my tactics for getting surreal art ideas. The tactic is this—just make something much larger than it would ever be in real life.

I’ve used the image of the leech in other pieces of art, namely “The Leech and her Daughters,” which is a surreal piece in my art series based on Proverbs 30. I think it’s rather benign compared to a lot of my other art, but it was featured in this list of my creepiest-ever drawings.

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