About Laura Kranz


I have an addiction to discovery. I crave those tiny glimpses at things unknown (maybe even unknowable).

I’m haunted by a need to inspect and understand the intangible.

To find the edge, and learn what’s beyond it.

This is why I create art.

Art is confusing, weird, and subjective. But it’s a way for a human being to look at things beyond their comprehension and share what they see.

Through art, I aim to discover, to share what I’ve found, and to be joined by other minds to unveil more than I could alone.

Each art concept is a hypothesis based on a feeling.

The creative process begins when I think, it seems like there’s something over there.

And each finished piece is an invitation.

When I share my art, I’m asking: Will you go with me? Do you see it, too?

I hope you’ll accept.




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