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About Laura Kranz

by | Dec 3, 2012 | 11 comments

I’m Laura, the person who named this website after herself. Welcome to my domain. (BAD INTERNET JOKE.)

I’m an artist, musician-composer, and thinker of many thoughts. This entire site is basically about me … but you’re probably on this page for the facts. Here’s some.

I live in the cloudiest city in the United States: the town of Bellingham, WA. We don’t get a lot of sunlight here, which is great for productivity—and my pale, pale skin.

My creative impulse is out of control. That’s more or less why this site exists—to give me a place to dump all my creative urges so I can get on with my life and create more things.

I’m an adrenaline junky—formerly into brash downhill skiing … until a poorly-executed trick gave me my third concussion. Now I just climb the occasional rock or tree.

I own an agency called Overthink Group.

I’m six feet tall. Just absorb that fact now so we can get the “wow, you’re tall” out of the conversation routine when we meet in person.

Laura Kranz profile

Even more about me

I know this is my about page, but before we go on, I have a single-question personality quiz for you:

I think personality tests are …

A) At the very least, interesting conversation starters
B) For dummies

If you chose (B) then your personality type is “high horse” and there’s nothing left on this page for you.

Here are some of my scores.

On the Myers Briggs, I’m an INTJ, though I sometimes score INTP. This basically means I score the way a robot would.

My top 5 strengths from the Clifton Strengthfinder are:

  1. Ideation (I come up with a whole lot of ideas)
  2. Achiever (I like to win)
  3. Command (I don’t like other people telling me what to do)
  4. Strategic (I create evil masterplans)
  5. Futuristic (I’m not exactly living in the moment)

According to the RHETI from the Enneagram Institute, I’m a type 5—the Investigator. This means I probably value information and competence above most other things.

Get in touch with me

There are all kinds of ways you can get ahold of me. You can hit me up on Twitter, Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram.

Better yet, you can join my email list here.

Start exploring

You can get started by taking a look at my art archives. I’ve got a gallery of most-popular pieces you can browse, along with every art collection I’ve ever made.



  1. Jacqueline flischel

    Laura, what were the best size paper tablets to work on for fitting standard frames? I forgot to write them down. Also, which do you think are the best to work with…hard cover or spiral? Thanks so much!

    • Laura Kranz

      Hi Jackie—no worries. Here’s that link: http://lauraakranz.com/drawing-paper-size/

      Spiral can be nice because you can get the pages to lay nice and flat … but if you tend to be rough on your sketchbooks (like me), then I’ve found hardcover can take a better beating.

  2. Jacqueline Flischel

    Laura, I love your wealth of creative ideas. You are a true talent with an exceptional gift of a great imagination and artistic ability. You help share this gift with other artists and myself. What a great wealth of information to all! I am truly blessed to have been guided to you! As another artist I am so thankful for the Internet that has brought me in touch with other artists, getting to know them and their talents. It’s a great resource for me! I will be sure to watch more from you! Thankful, Jackie Flischel. I just started working on my wordpress website so it’s best to use my email or I am also on faceboo.😃❤️

  3. Angelina Bong

    Hi Laura,
    I love your blog especially the post about Christian visual artists. I love what you wrote about them. I would like to add Akiane Kramarik to the list. For some reason, I could not add a comment on that blog post (perhaps my own settings)
    I am a visual artist from Malaysia and my Christian faith means a lot to me. I don’t have many artworks on my blog but I do have have them on Instagram. Feel free to drop by when you can!
    You can find me at https://www.instagram.com/swakgel/ or by my username @swakgel.

    So glad I’ve stumbled on your site.

    Angelina Bong.

    • Laura Kranz

      Thanks, Angelina! Just followed you on Instagram. The comment issue is on my site—thanks for letting me know about it. And Akiane is now on my backlog list of people to add.

      Glad you’re here! :)

  4. Bridget C

    You are very talented! I am glad I came across this website, I followed you on twitter. Surreal art is my favorite, I like drawing the unusual. Drawing has saved my life. I was sick for a long time and had to leave high school and art was my release and distraction from physical pain. My mom is a even better artist than I am. I hope to one day surpass her or just be the best I can be and I think your advice, tips and work will be inspiring and helpful.

  5. Chandra Rao

    Good Morning Laura, my name is Chandra I stooped by your site liked lot of thing you are very talented !
    I am a self taught gourmet Chef with deep knowledge of spices and herbs and ancient knowledge of Ayurveda gained by practically helping my grandfather,uncles in my childhood days, as being their help I am bringing out a a natural energy drink with no sugar,preservative,color or artificial sugar
    Everyone can use an energy boost every now and then but it’s even more important to find ways to maintain good energy levels throughout the day. If you’re searching for effective energy remedies,I need to build a unique juice and energy drink structure drawing like a hut surrounded by herb garden

  6. Claire

    Hello! I fell into this website due to googling “coming up with quirky ideas in art”. I do lots of decalcomania, amongst other things weird and wonderful. I’m more about experimenting with process and the unconscious, rather than making stuff that sells. I just can’t part with things, really. My room is like a Hobbit house….. I am Enneagram Type 4 (Individualist) and INFJ on Myers Briggs. I live in Scotland – a love of rain and puddles is compulsory over here! Anyway, glad to have found you. I have bookmarked this site, and will find you on Twitter. :)

    • Laura Kranz

      Thanks for dropping by, Claire! Looking forward to it. :)


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