Introspect (surreal mixed-media drawing) | Laura Kranz

Introspect (surreal mixed-media drawing)

You’d think introspection is like retreating to your room,
Admiring and rearranging the trophies you’ve gathered, or trying to get rid of messes you’ve accumulated—
A symptom of either self-obsession or personal responsibility (or both).

I find it much stranger than that.

It’s bigger than a room.  Bigger than a town.
There are things I didn’t put here,
Not to mention rooms—no—cities that I built long ago.

The pathways were cut (to make shortcuts, I thought) and the worlds have gone on without me.

I still stumble upon destroyed doors to old places that I find as though new.

It’s like exploring an ancient ruin, filled with trapped creatures and lost relics.

Sculptures that swelled from the river, merged together, melted from the bottom up;

Engineered creatures that trap themselves in a cages made of their own architectural exoskeletons;

Beautiful and terrible things;
Things I forget about as soon as I look away.

I could get lost here.

I think parts of me did; I’m still trying to find them.

Drawing specs

Title: Introspect
Dimensions: 20″ x 30″
Materials: Candle wax, sumi ink, and oil pastel on illustration board
Series: Part of my work made in 2010; one of my surreal drawings.

Explore the automatic drawing process

I made this drawing using a technique called “automatism,” which is a method for leveraging subconscious thoughts in art.

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