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I Made a Ghost of You (ink drawing)

I made a ghost of you;

We hang out all the time.

He’s all the things that make you you

According to my mind.

Drawing specs

Title: I Made a Ghost of You
Dimensions: 11″ x 14″
Materials: Hard-tipped brush pen on bristol vellum
Series: One of my surreal art pieces, made in 2017.

About I Made a Ghost of You

As I’m sure you’re aware, making art can be quite involved. The setup process in particular … at least when you’re using paints or a combination of mediums.

Here’s a little self-motivation tip: high levels of involvement in the setup process can function as quite the deterrent to actually doing it. (I’ve learned not to take self-motivation for granted.)

So. I’ve been using simplified art supplies lately. Like in Mutagenesis 305, Who You Really Are, and Take a Stand, for example.

Making a drawing like these only involves four small things, and the whole ordeal requires practically no setup or teardown.

  1. A piece of paper
  2. A pencil
  3. An eraser
  4. A brush pen.

It’s also nice to really dig into a particular style for a few drawings in a row.

Linework leverages a really different type of thinking for me than paint, charcoal, or pastel. You have to really choose how you’re going to create textures. Crosshatching, parallel lines, stippling, scribbling … it’s kind of overwhelming how many effects can come out of this one toolSo it’s good to get some practice.

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