Hollow (surreal acrylic painting) | Laura Kranz
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Hollow (surreal acrylic painting)

When skies ignite and land is rent,
When to the cities we are sent,
When from the raging earth we run,
I’ll stay behind and ask the sun
To let you hide and live to say
Your time will come another day.

When heaven falls and canyons crack,
When poison gasses press and stack
Upon the land and on the sea,
You run inside and let me be
The one who keeps the cloud at bay;
Your time will come another day.

When winds shall rise against the land,
Take up a dagger in your hand,
And cut me down, that they might know
That I will be the one to go
About the earth in hollow form
And ever guard you from the storm.

But as for now, we both shall say
Our times shall come another day.

Drawing specs

Title: Hollow
Dimensions: 30″ x 30″
Materials: Acrylic paint and gel medium on canvas
Series: One of my surreal art pieces, made in 2012.

Hollow started out as a texture experiment. I was given some ancient acrylic paints that had been sitting so long that the pigment and the binder had begun to separate in the little bottles.

I was poor, and not picky. So these paints were great. I just had to figure out what to do with them.

I rolled out the drop cloth and squirted paint directly onto the canvas. Then I took a spray bottle and paintbrush, and pushed the paint around some.

I painted the desert & red sky background aimlessly, with no idea what I was going to make. I was more or less just getting rid of the old paint. The landscape emerged accidentally.


The backdrop sat for about a week without me touching it. I love generating art ideas, and usually I can’t wait for the backdrop to dry. The wet paint slows down the process of getting the idea on the canvas. But in this case, I had no plans and needed to ruminate.

The surreal idea for it came later, as a doodle in my sketchbook.

A lot of my paintings come from sketches I’ve made.

Once I had scribbled this down, I added the cityscape and subject in the foreground.

As I mentioned previously, this painting is part of Lest More Navigate, which is a series of surreal works paired with short snippets of creative writing.

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