35 free photos of Venice, Italy

free venice photos gondolasThe 35 free photographs in this collection were all taken in beautiful Venice, Italy. I was able to capture the images during a low-budget backpacking trip with two friends I met at Capernwray Hall (an international gap-year Bible school in rural northern England).

During this trip—I was just 19 at the time—my two friends and I traveled to nine different countries in 30 days, and the whole experience cost me less than $2,000. If I were to do it again, I’d definitely try to have more money saved up; there was a lot of roughing it, and we didn’t usually feel very safe. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to get back to a dormitory-style bed in my life. On the other hand, it turned out to be an extremely enriching experience, and I came back with my camera still in tact and lots of great photos to show for it.

About the Venice photo collection

free photos of venice italy by laura kranz bridge at nightMost of the photos I’ve included in the downloadable collection feature Venice’s architecture and canals. The city had an air of mystery about it with all the old buildings and murky waters. I couldn’t help but think about the Edgar Allen Poe story set in Venice: The Cask of Amontillado, with its creepy narrator and disturbing ending (this was my favorite story from high school literature classes).

Somehow looking at the green water that covered the foundations of all the buildings made me feel like there were thousands of dark secrets below the surface. Maybe it was intuition—probably it was overactive imagination.

Since the network of winding, maze-like canals was so novel to me, in most of the photos I took I focused on them as the primary subject matter. The canals functioned as roads throughout the city. Because of this,  there were no cars, and because there were no cars, the whole city was extraordinarily quiet. It was also crazy hard to navigate; I felt like I was in some Escher-inspired labyrinth half the time.

There are other bits of remarkable Venice scenery in the photo collection beyond just the canals, like the old but elegant walking bridges, cathedrals, and archways. I also managed to get some more touristy shots of things like the iconic masks for sale in many of the shops.

Here are a few more examples of the photos you’ll find in the collection. Note: in your download, the watermark will be removed.

Ways you can use the Venice photos

You are welcome to use these photos on cards for your friends, as prints for your home, as gifts, as electronic wallpaper, or even as stock imagery in blog posts. I only ask that if you have a commercial use in mind, you contact me first.

All the photos are cropped at a 2:3 ratio, (or 3:2, depending on the orientation) which makes them good dimensions for cards and many standard print sizes.

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In November of 2014, I gave away my first free downloadable photo collection (you can still download the set of 50 Christmas-themed images for free).

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