Find the Memory (surreal marker drawing) | Laura Kranz
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The memories aren’t deleted.
They’re detached,
Buried, or

 A letter, a picture, a word jotted down
Can connect them back.

 Memories determine identity;

Lost and found
Re-lost and re-found—

Wobble that around
Like a top
On the verge of tipping over.

Find the memory

Drawing specs

Title: Find the Memory

Dimensions: 8″ x 8″

Materials: pen and Prismacolor marker on vellum

Series: one of my surreal drawings created in 2010.

About the drawing

I was in college when I made Find the Memory. I was sitting in the library between classes, probably existentially wondering why we have this thing called “school” in the first place—or something cliché like that.

The drawing came from some sort of attempt to remember a thing, which I consequently failed to do.

I vaguely modeled the subject’s head after a student studying at a desk across the room from me.

I actually used these very same markers in the weird creature drawing, titled Disarmed.

The subjectivity of human thought is a common thread across a lot of my artwork. The perplexing idea of memory is a big piece of that subjectivity.

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