The Eye That Mocks (art from Proverbs 30) | Laura Kranz
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Like all the other drawings in this series, the drawing you’re about to see was inspired by a snippet of text from Proverbs 30.

The eye that mocks a father

and scorns to obey a mother

will be picked out by the ravens of the valley

and eaten by the vultures.

When possible, I prefer to err on the side of creepy rather than disgusting. It’s not exactly a spectrum, but both elicit a strong response. The text I was working with certainly called for one.

Proverbs 30.17 the eye that mocks

This drawing could have gone very differently. I’ll admit that may have something to do with the fact that I sketched out the concept and initial wave of lines in church.

Drawing specs

Name:               The Eye That Mocks
:    5″ x 7″—about the size of a greeting card
Materials:        Hard pencil on sketch paper
Series:              The 24th drawing in the Proverbs 30 series

I often think that the techniques I developed through creating organic form drawings has become just a stepping stone in the style that’s emerged through this series. It’s an accidental hybrid I discovered of abstract and surreal.  I’ve been using it to make visually subjective work (as opposed to realistic) in a way that keeps the concept from getting to obscured by that subjectivity.

Ambiguity is interesting, unless there’s too much of it. Then you might as well be looking at nothing.

If you’re interested in my other art series, you can check out a directory of all of them.

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