Erode (organic form drawing) | Laura Kranz

Erode (organic form drawing)

10 out of 10 forces reduce you
Keep your head on straight
(If you can keep it on at all)

9 out of 9 directions lead to the edge
Stay on the path
(While it exists)

8 out of 8 statements are lies
Discern the truth from among them
(Because you can)

7 out of 7 moves lead to checkmate
Protect the king
(Until he’s captured)

6 out of 6 goblets are poisoned
Drink some wine
(While you’re still alive)

5 out of 5 judges are biased
Defend yourself
(Before you’re guilty)

4 out of 4 stones are loose
Scale the cliff
(While you’re not falling)

3 out of 3 friends will turn on you
Get some advice
(Unless it’s a trick)

2 out of 2 houses are built on sand
Take shelter within
(Before it caves in on you)

Everything erodes
Hold on
(While you’re not a shadow)

Drawing specs

Title: Erode
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5.5″
Materials: Orange colored pencil on sketch paper
Series: One of my Organic Form drawings, created as part of my work in 2017.

Learn more about automatic drawings

Erode, along with my other organic form drawings, uses a surreal drawing technique called “automatism.” It involves generating surreal ideas from your subconscious. You can learn how to make your own automatic drawings here.

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