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How to draw a rose (3 simple methods)

Rose drawing in pencil

Rose drawing courtesy of evenstar13

How do you draw a rose? They’re just so … detailed. And easy to get wrong. Some flowers are a piece of cake to draw (daisies, anyone?). But roses, not so much.

From realistic to tattoo-style to abstract, there are many different ways to draw a rose. But how to begin? Drawing this treasured flower can be challenging, even for advanced artists.

I spent a long time wading through the tutorials available on drawing roses, and sadly there’s not a lot of helpful stuff to be found. Unless you want to pay, that is. Mostly it’s either overly-simplified instructions for little kids, or it’s really detailed artists taking a LOOONG youtube video of their immaculate rose drawing. (Hey, nothing against those. I learn a lot from them. They’re just … crazy long.)

So I tried a whole bunch of techniques. After filling way too many sketchbook pages with either way-too-complicated or way-too-ugly drawings, I finally came up with three easy approaches for drawing a rose for you to try out.

3 simple ways to draw a rose

Here’s a quick video of three easy ways I came up with for drawing a rose.

Simple ways to draw a rose

In the video above, I lay out three easy ways you can draw a rose. There are many, many other ways you can draw a rose as well (some of them much more complicated).

Here’s the gist of these three simple techniques for creating a rose drawing without taking four hours. ;)

How to draw a rose bud

1. Draw a rose bud

A rose bud is much, much easier to draw than a fully-bloomed rose. You start with a little swirl, and only really need to worry about two rose petals. Once you get those down, the leaves and stem are easy.

Draw a simple stylized rose

2. Draw a simple, stylized rose

This is a method for drawing roses that is both extremely easy and pretty neat-looking. A rare combination. You just start with a circle, and draw concentric lines in an inward spiral until you run out of room, like the image you see to the left. This method for drawing a rose allows you to create a full-rose look suitable to use in line art and design.

Basic rose drawing

3. Draw a basic open rose

Here’s a relatively simple open rose that you can copy. This technique for drawing a rose is a bit more challenging than the other two. If you’re stuck, you can watch me draw it line by line in the above video. To make it look a little more similar to tattoo roses, just try making the edges of each rose petal a little more angular instead of curved.

There are many other ways to draw roses

I don’t want to limit your imagination. There are hundreds of other ways you can draw roses, so I’ve included four examples of rose drawings from other artists you can browse through to get some ideas. These are more complex drawings, and each one probably took a considerably larger amount of time than the drawings I made in the video.

This is an extremely realistic pencil drawing of a white rose. Well done on the artist. (Rose sketch courtesy Shanuke.)

Yet another very detailed rose drawing—this time with intricate water droplets. It clearly took a lot of patience to get the effect just right. (Rose drawing courtesy of Annokat.)

This piece was created as a tattoo design. It’s a lot more stylized than the previous two rose drawings, and uses some symmetry to a cool effect. (Rose tattoo design courtesy of JackLumber.)

This is an elegant ballpoint sketch of a rose. Despite being much simpler than the other three drawings, it has some really nice textures and a great final look. (Rose pen sketch courtesy of Sultzaberger.)

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