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I created a set of fun drawing ideas for the purpose of helping other artists overcome creative blocks. Some of them are simple and straightforward. Others, like the one you’re about to see, are a little goofy. And maybe not quite qualified as “drawing…” depending on what you choose.

Subject matter

This is pretty straightforward: your subject matter is some type of food. But there’s a catch …


You will use the food you’re drawing to draw itself. For example: use coffee to paint a cup of coffee. Use ketchup to depict a bottle of ketchup. Line up a bunch of Cheerios to “draw” one giant Cheerio. I know, it’s super meta.

Try not to get too sticky.

Examples of this drawing idea

I used soy sauce to paint a jug of soy sauce. It smelled delicious.

fun drawing ideas May art challenge

I haven’t gotten a lot of other artists to join me on this one just yet, so more drawings coming later.

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