Disarmed (creature drawing in marker) | Laura Kranz
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Some art has a predetermined message or meaning. A purpose that’s decided beforehand.

A lot of it doesn’t.

I’m going to make an admission: a lot of the art I make is a mystery to me. I think there’s some unspoken rule that artists are supposed to be able to describe the meaning behind everything they make, or at least have something mystical or emotion-stirring to say about it.

People ask me to explain art pieces to them, and I usually can’t think of much to say other than, “I made it because I thought of it.” Or some uninspiring and mechanical sentence like that.

I mean, I don’t want to lie.

But I could unpack that reasoning a little more. The idea generation process is interesting to me. I talk a lot about coming up with art ideas because it’s something I really enjoy—maybe even more than I enjoy making the art. When I think of an idea, I feel a responsibility over that idea, and a need to realize it.

Creating something just because “I thought of it” frees me up to think of something else.

I’ll still try to figure out why I thought of it in the first place … until I get more interested by what I’m thinking of now.

He told us to drop our weapons, and we told him it would only be fair if he dropped his, too.

—Jeffrey Kranz

Disarmed surreal creature drawing

Drawing specs

Name:               Disarmed
:    14″ x 17″—too big to be small and too small to be big
Materials:        Prismacolor marker on inking paper
Series:              Part of Creatures on the Walls–a curated collection featuring mostly my creature artwork

This weird drawing was made in 2011 when I was going through a Prismacolor marker phase. I’d select one new color once or twice a month—usually some variable shade of grey—and make drawing experiments with it until the ink ran out. Usually I’d use one of my surreal ideas as a subject for my marker experimentation.

I still have several of these markers, but I’ve been in more of a paint and graphite phase in 2016.

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