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Dichotomous Venation is the second drawing in a botany-themed art series, The Vein Patterns of Leaves.

I’m taking each of nine different vein patterns and creating a large charcoal and chalk drawing.

Dichotomous Venation

With dichotomous venation, there is no central vein, or even any distinctly large veins. The veins divide into two at regular intervals as they spread outward. You see this type of vein pattern in the ginkgo balboa leaf.

Personally, I think it’s one of the coolest vein patterns.

dichotomous venation vein patterns in leaves in process

Drawing specs

TitleDichotomous Venation

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

Materials: compressed charcoal and chalk on paper

Series: The second drawing in The Vein Patterns of Leaves

To draw this piece, I covered an entire piece of paper with a few blended layers of charcoal. I then erased lines across the piece to depict the vein patterns, as you can see below.

dichotomous venation in process

After that was finished, I added detail with both charcoal and the eraser until it was ready for a touch of color, and finished it off with a piece of pale yellow chalk pastel.

Here’s a design I made based on the Dichotomous Venation drawing:



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