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One of my favorite things about a snowy day is the perfect lighting it provides for winter photography. The snow clouds diffuse the light of the sun so that the whole sky seems to be glowing at the same intensity, and the white snowflakes on the ground, trees, and rooftops reflect back.  Soft light comes in at every angle.

This is my first winter here in Colorado Springs. It’s snowed many times, but it’s typically been this sandy, dry snow that blows away as soon as it falls.

This week, we had a different kind of snowfall. It stayed between 16 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit all day, and the snow came down in feathery bits that stuck around for the whole afternoon.

I put on two jackets and headed out into the neighborhood with my camera.

We live in an apartment complex in suburbia, but as soon as I got outside, the whole place seemed transformed.  Even the little plants and shrubs maintained around the parking area looked epic.  Here are a few of them.

This little tuft of grass was the first snow-adorned object I photographed when I stepped out the door.

snow in suburbia-3417

I was amazed to notice that I could even make out individual snowflakes resting on the plants.  Here’s another from a shrub around the parking lot.

snow in suburbia-3419

Even the flat hedge thing looked awesome.snow in suburbia-3420

The snowflakes were sticking to this twig on a tree planted outside the apartment complex.snow in suburbia-3422

I was squatting in front of someone’s garage unit to get this picture. I’m hoping they were cuddled in front of their fire and not looking out the window watching me.snow in suburbia-3423

The snowflakes on this little plant almost look like tiny white flower blossoms.snow in suburbia-3425

Here’s the same little plant from above with its snowflake flowers.
snow in suburbia-3426

There were more cool things in the apartment parking lot, but I hate feeling like people are watching me when I’m taking pictures. So I walked a few blocks into the neighborhood where I knew there was a little path between rows of houses.

Typically, this wouldn’t get me what I wanted (to not have people watching me while I walk up to random objects taking pictures).  You see, I now live in suburbia.

Fortunately, it was so darn cold outside that not a soul was out—so I was able to wander around alone to my heart’s content.

Moving to the East side of Colorado Springs from the great Pacific Northwest has been more of a shock to my system than I anticipated.  I’ve never lived in a place with so many houses up next to each other, so many chain restaurants, and so many strip malls. I’m used to more roaming space, and fewer cul-de-sacs.

Days like this snowy one let me experience a little more of the un-suburban life I miss.

snow in suburbia-3431

The snowflakes on this spruce almost looked like thousands of tiny spider webs encapsulating the branch.snow in suburbia-3434

snow in suburbia-3435The cold, cold sky made a nice backdrop for the trees.
snow in suburbia-3438 snow in suburbia-3439

The dogs who live in the houses on either side of this little path between neighborhoods love to bark their heads off whenever anyone comes by.  I think it was too cold for that during my photoshoot.  I only heard one meagre dog bark.snow in suburbia-3440

The snow stuck to the tall grass in cool ways.
snow in suburbia-3449

The wind was blowing north, and I was walking south. My face became very numb about the time I took this picture.snow in suburbia-3445

These are the rows of houses that keep the guard dogs. snow in suburbia-3448snow in suburbia-3451

Snowfall in suburbia.snow in suburbia-3455

The snow stuck to the trees and gave them an interesting lifelike quality.  These trees looked like they were trying to escape.snow in suburbia-3457

Here’s another photo of the little path.
snow in suburbia-3458

I love the way the snow looked on this willow.snow in suburbia-3460snow in suburbia-3459
Squatting by a fence post for a while when people are around is awkward. Thanks, below-freezing weather.
snow in suburbia-3467

You can see the snowflakes in detail here on this chain of a swing at a nearby playground.snow in suburbia-3468 snow in suburbia-3469 snow in suburbia-3470

More snowflake details.snow in suburbia-3473
snow in suburbia-3477
The chain link fence at a little baseball diamond got coated in snow, but only from one side.

snow in suburbia-3482 snow in suburbia-3483 snow in suburbia-3486

I’m not even sure how the snow was sticking to this fence; it was so cold and dry out.snow in suburbia-3487 snow in suburbia-3488

The same spruce tree from the earlier photos was a little more snow-encrusted by the time I passed it again on my way back.snow in suburbia-3490 snow in suburbia-3491 snow in suburbia-3493

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