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I like envisioning dystopian worlds. Some of them are sort of Orwellian—where humans have lost autonomy and the soul-sucking cubicle desk job ethos has swept over all of daily life. The planet is nearly barren and there’s some industrial revolution spinoff gone too far.

You know, more or less the dystopian norm.

I don’t like imagining those kinds as much as I enjoy exploring the weird biological takeover dystopias. (I really like biology—I’ve created entire biology-inspired art series).

Stranger things happen in these kinds of imaginary distant futures. It’s the kind of dystopia where humans aren’t so sure they’re the most dominant inhabitant of the planet anymore.

Where this kind of image could be from the average back yard.

Back Yard scratchboard monster drawing

Art piece specs

Name:               Back Yard
:    5″ x 7″—about the size of a greeting card
Materials:        Scratchboard
Series:              One of a few pieces in the scratchboard art collection

I really enjoy drawing monsters and imaginary creatures.

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