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Avoiding Voluntary Amnesia (painting)

The fat mice scurried about on the subway tracks.

I wonder if they nibble on my toes when I sleep, she thought.
When she is tired, before she can sleep, she thinks of new things.

Like the sound of a little boy’s hand picking up a stone.
Like small white triangles that fit together.
Like the sour air in closed spaces.

One of them becomes the world for the night.

And in the morning, she forgot to check if her toes were any smaller.

Painting specs

Title: Avoiding Voluntary Amnesia
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″
Materials: Acrylic paint on canvas
Series: One of my early paintings, made sometime around 2006.

About Avoiding Voluntary Amnesia

As an angst-ridden insomniac teenager, I wrote the little “poem” (or whatever you’d call it) that you see at the start of this post. (I’m still angst-ridden, but I no longer have the teenager excuse.)

Shortly after doing so, I created this painting from memory of a scene I vaguely remembered. At the time, the finished painting really didn’t do it for me. I took a grainy photo on my point-and-shoot camera for posterity (the photo you see above), and within a month I had painted over this piece and turned it into something else.

I don’t even remember what painting covers this one. It meant that little to me.

About a decade later I stumbled across the photo of that painting which no longer exists while trolling through my photo archive.

You know I’m kicking myself—I actually really like it now.

Ah well … such is life.

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