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Laura creates surreal and abstract images using a vast array of media: charcoal, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint, even soy sauce. She conjures images of monsters, otherworldly landscapes, human viscera, and “the goo.”

In addition to Laura’s planned art pieces, many of Laura’s works of art are created via automatism—completely unplanned and spontaneous artistic expression. Her body of Organic Forms and fluid paintings are her most popular pieces created with this technique.

Featured art pieces

Click the left and right arrows to navigate the gallery of some of Laura’s most popular work. Pieces are arranged in randomized order.

Art series by Laura Kranz

Fluid art work

Fluid painting is a nontraditional technique where artists pour viscous paints and manipulate them without a paintbrush. Here I unpack how the method works and share my own pieces.

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The Vein Patterns of Leaves

In this botany-themed art series, Laura explores nine different categorizations of leaf veins. There’s one drawing for each venation pattern. Each of the large charcoal drawings is made with charcoal and colored chalk: one distinct color with each pattern.

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The Drink of Death painting series

This is a series of seven black and white acrylic paintings with somewhat dark imagery, symbolically referencing the crucifixion.

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Proverbs 30 drawing series

This collection is a minimalistic series using simply graphite on white paper. It visually explores Proverbs 30 in surreal detail. The collection isn’t yet complete.

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Organic form drawings

A biology-inspired art series that uses automatism. Each drawing uses a single colored pencil on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper. The drawings are tiny, freeform, and highly detailed. This series is ongoing.

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Imaginary creatures (drawings, paintings, and sketches)

This is a collection of art pieces that share a theme: each one features an imaginary creature of some kind. Drawings, paintings, sketches—there’s a big range of mediums used to make the creature art.

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Self portraits

This collection-in-progress features variety of different styles of self portraits spanning 12+ years.

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Lest More Navigate

Lest More Navigate is a curated selection of art pieces made over the course of several years. Lots of different styles and mediums are represented. Each piece is paired with an original piece of creative writing by Jeffrey Kranz. The series has been displayed at several locations in both Washington state and Colorado.

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Anonymous portrait series

This is a set of drawings of anonymous faces. Each image was based on generic stock photos. Most of them are drawn with vivid oil pastels on black paper (though several of the anonymous portraits vary from this medium template). This series is ongoing, and might never officially be finished.

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Haggai illustration series

10 drawings, in various mediums, abstractly (or surreally) representing the text and story of the book of Haggai—a minor prophet in the Old Testament. On the series page, you’ll find each art piece with the corresponding piece of text it illustrates.

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Portraits of the 12 apostles

This series features an abstract portrait for each of the twelve apostles mentioned in the New Testament. Each drawing is 18″ x 24,” and made with marker, watercolor, and ink.

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An anthology of hundreds of sketches created over the years—some of which have inspired larger art pieces.

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