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Art works by Laura Kranz: the archives

Here’s a good starting point for you to browse some of the 1,000+ art pieces I’ve made. (Yeah, you read that right.)

You can start by taking a peek at this small gallery of most-popular pieces. It’s a hand-picked collection of my best pieces from different years and different art series.

If you like what you see there, you may want to continue scrolling on to the galleries of work arranged by year, or the exhaustive list of all my art series. There, you’ll be able to look at pieces in more context and detail.

Most popular art pieces

Click the left and right arrows to navigate the gallery. Pieces are arranged in randomized order.

Galleries of art by year

Work from 2017

Delete Memory (mixed media drawing)

I’m still adding work for 2017, including drawings, paintings, music, and more. You’ll see my creative output goals for the year, along with the projects I create as I finish them.


Work from 2016

Toxic blue surreal painting

In 2016, I worked on a variety of one-off art pieces and art belonging to series. I started the botany-themed series The Vein Patterns in Leaves, and created a lot of surreal works as well.


Work from 2015

Proverbs 30.15 The leech and her daughters

In 2015, I worked on my Proverbs 30 series, I started a monthly art challenge, I continued with my Theme Verse art series, and started several others.


Work from 2014

The Crane on the Bridge surreal painting by Laura Kranz

2014 was a very prolific year. I quit my job, and I began a lot of project collaborations with the Bible literacy site—many of which included art series.


Work from 2013

Blood in the valley image

The collections for 2013 include several detail-heavy pieces, along with a mish-mash of art with stream-of-consciousness themes. Making art in 2013 was not a high priority for me, so a lot of it is free-form—and there’s just less of it from that year.


Work from 2012

Hollow surreal painting by laura kranz
Be warned: some of my darker pieces came from 2012 (though some of my best, as well). Much of the work is less refined since the focus was catharsis rather than ability to display the pieces.


Work from 2011

The Obedient One surreal monster painting by Laura Kranz

In 2011 I started refining some of my experimentation in 2010 into series of art. The Organic Forms series began, along with a few collections based on various pieces of text.


Work from 2010

Drink of Death VI (acrylic painting)

2010 marked a broadening of experimentation with medium. Part of this had to do with friends realizing I was an artist and beginning to donate leftover art supplies to me. I still relied heavily on pen & ink as a primary medium.


Work from 2009

Young One, Blind One

In 2009 I began applying more discipline to my art making, moving from loose concept sketches (many of which ended up in the trash) to completed art pieces on frame-able surfaces. You’ll see a lot of experimentation in the 2009 collections particularly with pen & ink.


2008 and earlier

Acrylic painting the ascent laura converse art

These collections include all the art I made up to a year after I graduated high school. I took a community college figure drawing class during this time, and dabbled inconsistently in a variety of media.

All art series

Art series communicate in a very different way than just individual art pieces do. A carefully assembled collection can tell a new story altogether. It’s like putting words together to make sentences, but with a different type of nuance.

I tend to create series when an art idea I’ve come up with has more facets or concepts to isolate than I can fit in a single drawing. I also use art series as a method of developing a new style or medium. It forces me to continue practicing that new way of doing things until the art series is complete. This can be a downside, too—sometimes I’ll learn that I really am not that great at a particular style (or I just don’t enjoy it), but I feel obligated to finish the collection.

My collection of art series continues to grow.  Some of the ones listed here are still in progress.

The Vein Patterns of Leaves

In this botany-themed art series, I explore nine different categorizations of leaf veins. There’s one drawing for each venation pattern. Each of the large charcoal drawings was made with charcoal and colored chalk: one distinct color with each pattern.

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The Drink of Death painting series

This is a series of seven black and white acrylic paintings with somewhat dark imagery, symbolically referencing the crucifixion.

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Proverbs 30 drawing series

This collection is minimalistic. It’s also one of my favorite art series I’ve created. It’s simply graphite on white paper—the series examines Proverbs 30 in granular detail. The collection isn’t yet complete, but you can see all the progress on the drawings so far.

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Organic form drawings

A biology-inspired art series that uses automatism. Each drawing uses a single colored pencil on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper. The drawings are tiny, freeform, and highly detailed. This series is ongoing.

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Imaginary creatures (drawings, paintings, and sketches)

This is a collection of art pieces that share a theme: each one features an imaginary creature of some kind. I love drawing monsters, and you’ll notice a variety. Drawings, paintings, sketches—there’s a big range of creature art.

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Self portraits

This collection-in-progress features variety of different styles of self portraits spanning 12+ years.

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Lest More Navigate

Lest More Navigate is a curated selection of art pieces I’ve made over the course of several years. Lots of different styles and mediums are represented. Each piece is paired with an original piece of creative writing by Jeffrey Kranz. The series has been displayed at several locations in both Washington state and Colorado.

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Anonymous portrait series

This is a set of drawings of anonymous faces. In this art series, I had to reference generic stock photos. Most of them I drew with vivid oil pastels on black paper (though several of the anonymous portraits vary from this medium template). This series is ongoing, and might never officially be finished.

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Haggai illustration series

10 drawings, in various mediums, abstractly (or surreally) representing the text and story of the book of Haggai—a minor prophet in the Old Testament. On the series page, you’ll find each art piece with the corresponding piece of text it illustrates.

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Surreal art

Here’s where I talk about what surreal art actually is, and walk through galleries of my work that falls into each category.

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Portraits of the 12 apostles

I created a slightly abstract portrait for each of the twelve apostles mentioned in the New Testament. Each drawing is 18″ x 24,” and made with marker, watercolor, and ink.

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Authors of the Bible drawings

This is a charcoal series of 36 portraits I did for one for each biblical author (there are about 40–only 35 known by name). You can also find a free downloadable ebook that includes all these portraits along with facts about each one.

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How Firm a Foundation illustrations

I created a series of 10 ink drawings that illustrate the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” on the Bible literacy site, OverviewBible. The pieces are in a more meticulous style, which doesn’t come as naturally to me as more free-form styles.

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Bible verse art

This is a collection of illustrations for every book of the Bible. Each drawing has a chunk of text that is chosen with the theme of the book it comes from in mind. This series is in progress, and is hosted on OverviewBible.

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I’ve collected quite the anthology of sketches over the years. Some of my most interesting concepts have yet to be turned into completed art pieces.

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Don't know where to start?

I know, it’s kind of overwhelming. You don’t have to look at all of it; just ease yourself in with the stuff I’m working on now. Take a look at my 2017 collection.

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