Altitude [organic form drawing] | Laura Kranz

Altitude [organic form drawing]

You aspire to greatness—I won’t tell you no
Tilt your chin just a little more. That helps you stay above it all
Just a little more …

But now it’s too high
And now you’re so much less than you want to be

You’re even farther above it all
But so am I and so are all these other nobodies
Strapped in rows [please remain seated] Like the animals we don’t want to believe we are

And here, above it all, you lose sight of yourself
Too caught up in your attempts to breathe

A slave to your physical limitations
A hostage to your fears
A prisoner of your weaknesses

Just like me and all these nobodies

But on the ground, we’re above them all.
Aren’t we, friend?

Drawing specs

Title: Altitude
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5.5″
Materials: Red colored pencil on drawing paper
Series: One of my organic form drawings; made in 2017.

Explore the automatic drawing process

I made this drawing using a technique called “automatism,” which is a method for leveraging subconscious thoughts in art.

Learn about automatism

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