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All You Are (oil pastel drawing)

There’s a moment where you realize what you’re made of

It shocks a person senseless
Thinking of what is contained within bones

It’s all you are

Drawing specs

Title: All You Are
Dimensions: 12″ x 9″ (a size of paper that I recommend)
Materials: Oil pastels on sketch paper
Series: An abstract drawing based on anatomical concepts, part of my work from 2009.

About All You Are

I created the drawing, All You Are, during a phase of relative obsession with human skeletal structure. This obsession has made its way into art works like Trabeculae, My House I, Man-Machine, and Remaining in the Details  … to name a few.

I used a scribbly, unrefined drawing method with oil pastels. I left highlighted areas of the image white, and layered on progressively darker colors. For example, I started with yellow and light pink to get down the gist of where shadows should fall. Then I enhanged those shadows with orange and purple.

Then, I did another round of shadow enhancements again with darker colors—navy blue in one case, red in another.

Once that was all blocked in, I filled in the negative space with textured scribbles. I must have felt that the look was still too sterile, so I added random scribbles in light grey across the whole drawing.

Once the pastels were all blocked in as described above, the drawing was nearly complete. To finish it off, I scratched shapes, words, and crosshatching into the base layer of pastel using an x-acto knife. It’s a method I used in the drawing Can We Please Go Home?

This drawing is still part of my personal collection. Although … funny story, it was adopted, then returned to me. Perhaps the pretty colors failed to disguise the unsettling subject matter on closer inspection.

Art’s funny like that.

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