Air (organic form drawing) | Laura Kranz
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Air (organic form drawing)

Breathe in
Everything you dreamed of
Breathe out
Anything you can’t quite visualize

Breathe in
Everything you wanted
Breathe out
Anything you can’t hold onto forever

Breathe in
Everything you deserve
Breathe out
Those things that are too good for you

Breathe in
Everything you need to survive
Breathe out
What you took—it was more than your fair share

Drawing specs

Title: Air
Dimensions: 3.5″ x 5.5″
Materials: Turquoise colored pencil on drawing paper
Series: One of my organic form drawings; made in 2017.

Explore the automatic drawing process

I made this drawing using a technique called “automatism,” which is a method for leveraging subconscious thoughts in art.

Learn about automatism
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