Art by Laura Kranz created in 2015

Here’s where you’ll find galleries of all the art, music, and photography I made in 2015—at least, the stuff I made that I thought was decent enough to put up here.

2015 is the year I co-founded the communications and strategy agency, GradLime. Because of that, it was tough to give the types of creative endeavors that show up on this blog the time of day, but I always seem to make room for it here and there somehow. I guess I like doing it, or something.

The majority of the output came in the form of series over the year, and a lot of those series are still in progress.

Proverbs 30 series

Proverbs 30 art series header

I started this surreal/abstract hybrid series at the beginning of 2015, and made it just over halfway through. I hope to finish it in 2016.

It might be my favorite series yet—I really dig the way it’s turning out. Each drawing is 5″ x 7″ (so relatively small) and I use a hard graphite pencil.

Here are the 23 drawings I created this year. You can also check out the Proverbs 30 art page for more info and keep tabs on the collection as it grows.

Verse art for each book of the Bible

Theme verse IsaiahBible verse art on overviewbible

This collection is part of the OverviewBible site. I’ve been chipping away at a series of typography-heavy pieces for—to be honest—what seems like forever.

In reality I only started it at the end of 2014. Each of them includes an illustrated theme verse: one drawing + one verse for every book of the Bible. It’s not a style I’m as comfortable with, so it’s been a good way to stretch myself.

I finished 39 pieces in the series in 2015. You can learn more about it on the Bible verse art page.

10 fun drawing ideas

Drawing idea half face

At the beginning of the year, I kicked off a series of creative drawing ideas. The idea was to give people who wanted to make art a starting point to get the creative juices flowing.

It includes some silly ideas and unorthodox techniques (like using food to draw food).

See the whole collection of drawing ideas.

1,000 easy things to draw

tiny easy things to draw-penny farthing

As I’ve been working on this blog, I’ve come to notice that thousands of people are searching for inspiration for their own drawings. Sometimes, people want a bunch of throwaway ideas for simple things they could try to sketch out.

I made a list of 1,000 things to draw, and started drawing them myself. You can see the whole list of 1,000 things to draw (and even shoot me an email if you’d like to feature your attempt at any of the drawings.

Self portraits

Laura kranz portrait digitalI added a self portrait to my gallery that’s gradually growing over time.

Toward the beginning of 2015, I started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator. This was my first piece using the software. I primarily relied on the pen tool, and based the vector image on a sketch I had drawn in my notebook.


I also created some non-series work, just for fun. When I’m making one-off pieces of art, a lot of times it ends up being surreal, or involving creatures.

You can see a compilation of all my creature art here, and you can see a compilation of all my surreal art here.


Solo piano streaming

Toward the beginning of the year, I made a lot of progress on a solo piano album I started putting together. You can stream all the tracks I’ve created so far for free here.


I created or expanded some photo galleries in 2015; many of them which include collections of free downloadable stock photos.

Photos of Iceland

iceland photography icicle on fenceThis post includes galleries of photos I took in Iceland, along with a small collection of 5 photos you can download for free to use. I also included links to other photographers who have Iceland photo galleries, in case you’re curious to see more of the strange and beautiful country.

70 free Christmas stock photos

Pianist with tree backdrop free christmas stock photo by Laura KranzI added a new batch of 20 high-res photos to a collection of Christmas-themed photos you can download for free. (Previously it was a collection of 50). You’re welcome to use them on cards, print them as gifts, use as desktop backgrounds—anything you think of.

Photos from Castle Rock

Castle Rock Tumwater Canyon-24A group of friends took an excursion to Castle Rock—a popular climbing location outside of Leavenworth in the Tumwater Canyon. I snapped some photos on our brief hike.

35 free photos of Venice, Italy

free venice stock photo download masksIn this post, I assembled a collection of 35 photos I took in Venice when on a backpacking trip around Europe. You can download these photos for free and use them for your projects.


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