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In 2014, I completed 85 original art pieces, not including sketches or unfinished works. Considering all the things that happened in 2014 (working a demanding job, moving across the country, being part of family weddings, etc), it was pretty decent output.

58 of these art pieces were components of three art series I completed this year, which you’ll see below. I’ll start off with the three art pieces that both received the best response, and that I’m most proud of.

Top 3 art pieces of the year

Respectively, the three pieces below are “The Crane on the Bridge,” which is a 3-foot tall & wide mixed media painting, “Drowning Dog,” which is an acrylic painting on canvas, and “How Solomon Sees His Bride,” a pen and watercolor illustration pulling similes and metaphors from Song of Solomon. To see more detail, click the thumbnails below.

I created art pieces that were parts of five different art series in 2014. Three series were made from start to finish in 2014, one series is a continuation of a series that has been ongoing for several years, and another series I just began.

Bible verse illustrations

I started the ambitious series of theme verse illustrations for every book of the Bible. The final series will include 66 drawings (many of which have now been finished).

You can learn more about the theme verse illustration series here.

Apostle portraits

I collaborated with Jeffrey at the Overview Bible Project, and created a series of 12 ink and marker line drawings depicting the 12 Apostles. This project is available as a free downloadable guide.

How Firm a Foundation series

How FIrm a Foundation illustration by Laura Kranz

I created 10 illustration pen, ink, and watercolor drawings illustrating the hymn, How Firm a Foundation.

You can learn more about the How Firm a Foundation series here.

Bible author portraits

Also a collaborative project with Jeffrey: this one was 36 charcoal portraits.  It’s also available as a free downloadable guide.

You can learn more about the authors of the Bible at the OverviewBible site.

Organic Forms

Organic form drawings

The Organic Forms art pieces have been an ongoing series for several years, and will probably continue for many more.

You can learn more about the Organic Form drawing series here.

Other art works

Photography collections of 2014

I gave away 50 Christmas-themed photos (you can still download all 50 for free).


Music projects of 2014

One important thing that happened at the beginning of the year on the music front: I acquired some much-needed music equipment. I upgraded my digital audio workstation to Logic Pro X, and bit the bullet to buy my first external audio interface (an Apogee Duet).  This allowed me to start recording using more than just software instruments and my built-in mic on my computer.

It turned out to be a great investment, because I ended up recording eleven original songs in 2014. The most popular also happened to be my favorite: an experimental-instrumental piece called “The First Procession.”

You can listen to it here:

I also ran my first music giveaway in 2014, featuring the original Christmas song Jeffrey wrote and I arranged in a fun a cappella form. You can still get a free download of the song.

More of my music is available for you to stream here.

Videos of 2014

I also started the year off investing in some equipment upgrades to allow for more (and better) video. After seven+ years with my Canon Rebel xTi, I finally upgraded to a Canon 70D that has built-in filming capabilities. I also started using Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Premiere Pro.

Like the music, I also made 11 time lapse videos of art being created in 2014. I’ve found these videos to be a fun way to both learn the software and hardware for making videos, and also to be a helpful way to observe and improve my art technique.

The most popular of the videos I made this year by far was this one of 10 gesture drawings in 100 seconds. Each video uses my original music in the background.

See all the other timelapse videos.

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