Art by Laura Kranz created in 2012
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Anonymous Portrait Series

Anonymous oil pastel portrait "Her Neck" by Laura Kranz

The Anonymous Portrait Series is a set of art pieces I started back in 2011. The concept: use cheesy stock images as reference photos for non-cheesy pieces of art. At first the series was strictly templated with oil pastels on a black piece of 9″ x 12″ paper, but as 2012 carried on I started distracting myself with additional mediums. Here’s where you can find the whole Anonymous Portrait Series with more information.

Organic Form Drawings

Making the organic form drawings is kind of the ultimate zone-out art to make. There’s both a lot and a little to them. You can learn more about them and see the whole collection on my Organic Forms Series page.

Exquisite Corpse Collaborations

Creature art

I love drawing creatures and monsters. Here’s where you can see all the creature art I’ve created over the years.

Other drawings and paintings

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