Art by Laura Kranz created in 2011

All the art I made in 2011

In 2011 I had a huge backlog of art concepts and found myself with a good amount of time to execute on them. A lot of the work is rather simple in execution and technique, and more focused on exploring the surreal ideas.

Imaginary creature art

I made a good deal of creature artwork in the year 2011, and the imaginary monsters came in a wide variety of mediums, too. I experimented with scratchboard several different times (like in the drawings The Jungle and the dystopian Back Yard).

I tried my hand at marker and watercolor. I also did some acrylic paintings, like The Obedient One, which is still one of the biggest art pieces I’ve ever made.

There are a few drawings made with pen and marker, like  At the Door and Disarmed.

You can browse more of my imaginary creature art here.

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Anonymous portrait series

In Anonymous Portraits, I created a lot of portraits in many different styles. A few, like Second Thoughts, are paintings, but most are drawings.

Learn more about my anonymous portraits series here.

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Organic form drawings

My organic form drawings series is a collection of small automatic drawings made with colored pencil on paper.

Take a look at more of my organic form drawings here.

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One-off artworks

I created a variety of art not otherwise part of a series. Some is based on realistic imagery and observation, though it often took an abstract or stylized turn as I made it. It varies from interpretations of anatomical diagrams to art pieces like Pouring the Wine. Others are surreal in nature.

Take a look at other surreal artwork I’ve made.

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