Art by Laura Kranz created in 2010
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You probably already know this, but there’s a lot of art on this site.

I’ve been working on ways to make the art pieces and collections more easy—and hopefully more fun—for people like you to browse.

One of the ways I’m doing this is by collecting and archiving all the work I’ve made each year.

I know, 2010 was a while ago, but it’s not like the art has expired.

It was a prolific art-creation year. I did a lot of experiments with different styles. Some of these styles I rejected, and others have developed into ways of drawing and painting that you see me employ still.

During 2010 I started (and in many cases finished) quite a few art series, and I experimented with a large number of concepts and media. The art you’ll find on this page is all over the map. We’ll jump in with one of the creations I’m most proud of from the huge collection of pieces.

Where you see thumbnails of artwork, just click them to enlarge to full screen.

The Drink of Death series

Drink of death art series header

The Drink of Death is a series of 7 black-and-white symbolic paintings. The collection is one of my favorite art series I’ve made. If you’re curious about the meaning behind the group of art works, I’ve written more in depth about the Drink of Death paintings here.

Art giveaways

As a way of getting more of my art into the hands of people who love it, I give away an original art piece (or sometimes a print) about once per month. Sponsors help me make this process affordable.

Just one of the art pieces from my 2010 collection has been featured as a giveaway—so far. It’s called Out from Below, and I shipped it off to Illinois at the beginning of April 2016.

Out from below pen drawing

Art based on the book of Haggai

Illustrated book of haggai laura kranz

In 2010, I thought it would be cool to make a series of art pieces illustrating the book of Haggai. That year, I both started and completed the collection. I ended up collaborating with a designer to create a limited-edition coffee table book featuring the images alongside the Bible text.

I still have 3–4 of these coffee table books left, which you might see crop up as giveaways someday in the future.

Lest More Navigate

To ashes pen and ink drawing header-

The collection Lest More Navigate was a collaborative show with Jeffrey Kranz. It’s been displayed in three locations in two states. Four of the pieces I created in 2010 were featured in the show (below).

Commissioned work

Starvation for home surreal painting

I relied heavily on commissions and selling other original art during 2010 since art was my primary source of income. The commissioned pieces in this gallery are now all over the world in private collections, from Las Vegas to Norway.

My favorite commissioned pieces to work on were the ones in which the person hiring me liked my art style and gave just a few directives on what they liked, leaving the concept of the piece entirely up to me. The Starvation for Home was one of those pieces.

As of 2013 I no longer accept commissions (with a rare exception here and there).

Surreal paintings

You will be complete surreal painting header

In addition to the paintings in the commissioned works gallery above (many of which were on the surreal side), I made some other surreal paintings. Some, like the white and brown Partaking in Grace, are a little more abstract.

Most of my surreal artwork tends to be a little on the darker side, like what you see in the head-block-under-microscope weird science lab vibes of You Will Be Complete

But sometimes I ease off the creepy with paintings like The Mushroom that Wished It Was a Tree.

A few of the pieces use strange supplies or found objects, like The Broken Road.

Surreal drawings

Can we please go home surreal oil pastel

It’s while looking at my surreal drawings that most people ask me, “how the heck do you come up with all these surreal ideas?” I actually wrote a little bit about that process for those who are curious.

Like the surreal paintings gallery, some of these lean a little more abstract. Some of the drawings are ink from the bottle, like Inside Out (the first piece of mine featured in a real gallery). A few are oil pastel, like the beached whale piece, Can We Please Go Home? I was on a bit of a pen-and-marker kick in 2010, so you’ll notice that those pieces are the majority of this collection.

Automatic drawings

Introspect header

With automatic drawings, you start drawing with no plan, effectively bypassing conscious thoughts. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I made the weird drawings below (like Introspect, and Find the Memory, for example) I was participating in a surreal art discipline called automatism.

Life drawings
The thinker charcoal drawing header-

I didn’t create a whole lot of life drawings in 2010—clearly I was thoroughly occupied with plenty of weird surreal concepts. ;)

But I did discover that faces are a great subject matter for style and media experiments, which you’ll see I carried on in 2011. These experiments below were in many ways the precursor to the Anonymous Portraits Series.

If you enjoyed perusing this collection of work, you can stay in touch with me as I create and give away more. I’ll send a few emails your way each month.

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