Art by Laura Kranz created in 2009

In 2009, I was studying music composition at Western Washington University. I did a lot of drawing—both in and out of class. A lot of the artwork I did paved the way for an even more prolific 2010.

Lest More Navigate

A good number of the art pieces I created in 2009 later became part of the surreal art collection, Lest More Navigate. This collection has been displayed at several venues in Washington and Colorado, and includes pieces like The Boy In the Box, Man-Machine, and Wish/Waste.

Automatic drawings

Without knowing it, I’d also been dabbling in the surreal art form known as automatism, where you begin a drawing without any conscious plan and allow your subconscious to drive the process.

One of these automatic drawings, Tintinnubulum, was a synesthetic drawing. Synesthesia is a relatively common (but quite varied) condition in which people experience one sense crossing over into another in some way. I have the experience of sound producing colors and shapes.


In 2009 I found several old medical textbooks. They were incredibly fascinating. I drew a lot of bones and viscera, and this has continued into a lot of my other work (though more so in sketches than in my finished works).

Humans and humanoids

You’ll often find me drawing creatures, but in 2009 most of my “creatures” took on a more humanoid appearance.

Weird drawings like The Writer and Leaking Headache started cropping up—and I think they remain some of my more interesting. The humanoid still pops up in a lot of my drawings—more than the human. Eh, everything in art’s a metaphor anyways, right?

Everything else: basically surrealism

A lot of the art that year was pen, ink, and marker (though you’ll see a few exceptions). I had quite a few surreal concepts floating around in my mind, and I used them as excuses to experiment with different drawing techniques.

Some of the surreal drawings, like I Will Make It Overthrown, were created to abstractly visualize some random chunk of Biblical text.

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