Work from 2008 & earlier by Laura Kranz

Artworks in this gallery span from early 2005—the end of my sophomore year in high school when I got my first camera—to 2008, the year I studied abroad.

The two art classes I’ve taken were during this time, so several of these pieces were either exercises I made into finished works, or assignments.

The style is varied due to learning techniques and occasional limited access to art supplies because of travel.

Art based on the human figure

Human figure art

I took a figure drawing class through a program which allowed high school students to take college courses through a local community college. I was able to experience drawing from live models with dramatic lighting, which immediately awakened me to a deep fascination with visually representing light and shadow.

Some of these drawings were made in that class, and others were created afterward using what I had learned.

Family portrait

Family portrait header 2007

I created portraits of each of my four siblings, that, when combined, formed a portrait based on a photograph of my dad when he was 16.

Other art works

Surreal art from 2008I created a variety of other work during this time; most of it involving surreal ideas or symbolic concepts. Later this type of thinking is seen to evolve in other, more sophisticated surreal art work.


Sketches by Laura Kranz

Much of my early work came in the form of sketches, many of which I still would like to turn into full-fledged art pieces. You can browse my full sketch library.

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